People With Disabilities Hiring Network

This site is to promote the hiring of people with disabilities (PWDs) by helping private sector employers and non-profit service providers and agencies connect in order to share learnings and create partnerships. A listing of members can be searched on this page.

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Why join?

Members can see other member websites, ratings & reviews of members, other members associated with each and links to pertinent websites maintained by each member. For instance, an employer could look for other employers in their area and contact them or see which providers are used by them. The employer could then look at the ratings and reviews of each provider , select one and then lookup specific provider and contact information.

How to get started

Click on signup and you will be directed to a member setup page. After completing it, you will be asked to setup a Google Business page so that others may review and rate you.

Members with multiple locations:
Initially the easiest way is to register as one member. Individual locations can be referenced in the ratings and reviews.

Spread the word

Get your partners to join so that you can link them to you in the directory so that other members can see who you are working with. No member can link themselves with you on your page except you. And only members can be linked to each other. But they must be members. Providers, employers want to know your success in placing employees and how you can help them. Employers, prospective employers of PWDs want to learn from your experience and providers want to know how to best serve you.